"True Star" Glasses (Nitro)

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Made from scratch in Blender

Available for Free - for Nitro Boosters: https://discord.gg/renipuff

  •  Polys (tris): 1,672
  • 1 material
  • No texture, use solid color and/or matcap
  • Can be used directly in Unity

  • Terms of Use:
  1. NOT allowed to be used on free/ public models
  2. Do NOT claim as yours
  3. Do NOT redistribute in any form (this includes NO price splitting, trading or sharing with friends)
  4. Can be used only on finished models Commercially - you must fill the Discord Tag correctly on checkout to obtain the Commercial License
  5. You may NOT allow your customers to use this asset (for private or commercial projects) without buying it directly from me, even if you edit it.
  6. You are allowed to edit or use parts of this asset - as long as you don't sell it on individual assets
  7. Always credit my shop and/or my discord if used - Renipuff#3700

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