Noctis "The Shadow Hunter" (PC & Quest) - [Phys Bones, DPS, GoGoLoco]

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Noctis "The Shadow Hunter" (PC & Quest) - [Phys Bones, DPS, GoGoLoco]

28 ratings

  • Features:

🖤 FBT ready

🖤 GoGoLoco

🖤 Phys bones (boobs, butt, hair, hood)

🖤 Invisible toggle (emits smoke when you go invisible)

🖤 Dual Swords with cool particles

🖤 Touch - enable swords (touch behind the neck with Right hand to enable, Left to disable)

🖤 Separate Hue shift for - eyes, metal parts, tattoo

🖤 PP (with DPS)

🖤 The whole outfit from scratch

✩ Accessory toggles (with Dissolve effect):

🖤 Swords

🖤 Mask

🖤 Horns

✩ Outfit toggles (with Dissolve effect):

🖤 Jacket

🖤 Boots

🖤 Top

🖤 Corset

🖤 Pants

🖤 Underwear

  • For the Avatar to work you need
    • Unity 2019.4.31f1
    • VRC SDK 3.0 (VRchat website)
    • PoiyomiPro 7.3 shader

For the Dynamic Penetration version you will need DPS

  • PC Instructions

1. Create a new Unity project

2. Import Poiyomi shader

(3.) Import Dynamic Penetration to use the DPS toggles

4. Import VRC SDK 3.0

5. Import the purchased Avatar Package

6. In the Assets folder double click on "CLICK_ME"

Upload and Enjoy!

(Optimized version)

  • Terms of Use:
  • Do NOT make it public.
  • Do NOT redistribute in any form (this includes NO price splitting, trading or sharing with friends) - it is for personal use ONLY.
  • Do NOT claim as yours - you are allowed to edit it, but it does not make it yours.
  • You do NOT own the commercial rights to any of the assets used on this model - if you want to reuse anything, purchase from the respected creators - everything is listed in the Credits below.
  • You are allowed to create content using this avatar (Instagram, Tiktok, etc.) but you must credit my shop and/or my discord if used - Renipuff#3700
  • Refunds are not issued after the purchase has been made. I do not take responsibility if a future VRC update breaks the avatar.

  • My Assets

Rings - https://renipuff.gumroad.com/l/toocoolforyou

Pants - https://renipuff.gumroad.com/l/yeahsowhat

(the rest is not for sale yet, do NOT reuse)

  • Credits

Face - Pandaabear#9873 (texture and edit by me, do NOT reuse)

Body - Blossom#2332

Tattoo texture - Uni#1369 (preorder exclusive, edited by me)

Hair - Kittyz#6666

Hair Bangs - Cupkake#6666

Eye texture - Mowster#9962

Locomotion fix - https://wetcat.gumroad.com/l/locomotionVRC

Please message me on Discord if you have any questions: Renipuff#3700

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Unity Package

Material Slots
Phys Bone Components
Phys Bone Transforms
Phys Bone Colliders
Phys Bone Collision
In-game size
21 MB


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